About KFP - Introduction

KFP Architects, Inc. is a full service Architectural & Engineering firm established in 1995 at the time of the acquisition of Kenneth F. Parry & Associates, Inc., a firm which has made its mark throughout the New England area for 32 years.

Today, KFP Architects continues to build on the reputation and experience of over three decades of personal service with the guidance and leadership of Mr. Kenneth Parry, who serves as the firm's "Ambassador" and CEO. The firm maintains a diverse practice assisting clients in both the private and public sectors throughout the New England region.

Projects vary in complexity from one-of-a-kind custom residences to large scale commercial developments and include new construction & building additions, comprehensive restorations, modernizations, rehabilitation & historic preservation work.

To further assist its clients, the principals of KFP Architects established KFP Construction Management to facilitate the construction of its projects. Clients have found this "Architect lead" construction delivery approach to be most beneficial in implementing their projects, many of which are completed on a Design/Build basis.

The reputation of the KFP Companies has been built upon the high level of expertise and personal service given to clients on each and every project. For this reason, much of the work performed by both KFP Architects & KFP Construction Management is for repeat clients or referrals.

We invite you to explore our web site and the wide variety of work that we have accomplished. Each and every project is approached on an individual basis. The work reflects the taste and personality of our clients.

If you are considering a building project we invite you to contact our office to discuss your building needs. We are confident that our services shall exceed your expectations.

The KFP Companies offer a wide range of comprehensive services to their clients enabling full project development capabilities from property acquisition through design and construction. Collectively, the companies have completed a variety of public and private project types:

Commercial - Private Sector Buildings: Office Buildings, Banking Facilities
Community Service Organizations: Meeting Halls, Function Facilities
Educational - School Facilities: Elementary, Middle, High School and Colleges
Health Care: Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Outpatient Clinics, Nursing Homes & Retirement Communities
Housing - Single and Multifamily Buildings: Custom Residences, Condominiums, Apartments, Congregate Housing, Dormitories, Housing for the Disabled, Housing for the Elderly
Industrial: Manufacturing, Warehouse, Storage & Distribution Facilities, Research Laboratories
Municipal - Governmental, Public Buildings: Town Halls, Fire and Police Stations, Libraries, Parking Garages, Maintenance and Storage Facilities
Recreational: Theaters for the Performing Arts, Athletic Pool and Gymnasium Facilities
Religious: Churches and Christian Schools, Church Sponsored Housing
Retail: Shopping Malls, Plaza and Gallerias, Supermarkets, Stores and Restaurants

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